Carberry Plains Cemetery

Established 1882
Incorporated 1965

NE 36-10-15
North On Fanny Street
Box 130
Carberry, MB
R0K 0H0
Phone: 204-834-6600
Email: ncl@rmofnorthcypress.ca


Cost –

 Plot – $750

 Plot with Perpetual Care – $1300

Plots are currently being sold in the new south-east (NSE) section of the cemetery.  Plot size is 4′ x 9′.  There are two rows of cremation-only plots, they are shorter at 4′ x 7′.

Several urns can be placed in one plot. Only one casket can be placed in a single plot but urns may also be placed on top of a casket.


Cost –

Casket (Nov – Mar) – $800

Casket (Apr – Oct) – $600


Urn (Nov – Mar) – $500

Urn (Apr – Oct) – $300

Openings on weekdays after 5 p.m. & weekends Add $200

Openings on statutory holidays Add $300

We require at least 48 hours notice for an opening, possibly longer in the winter time.

Headstone Bases

Cost – $250

A headstone base is a concrete foundation the granite headstone is placed upon.  We require the size of the granite base to form a foundation.  Only upright headstones at the head of the grave are allowed, flat markers are allowed on top of the grave.  The base is poured by the cemetery staff.

Grave Care

Cost –

 Annual Care – $50

 Perpetual Care  – $650

Annual Care covers the cost of planting flowers, watering, and weeding for one year.

Perpetual Care covers the cost of planting flowers, watering, and weeding forever.

Third Party Care

Individuals are allowed to plant their own flowers on a grave, either annual or perennial.  These must be maintained.  No trees are allowed.

The placement of personal items is allowed at own risk.  The cemetery is not responsible for damage to items and they should be removed in the fall of each year.


The cost for a 12.5″ high x 12.5″ wide x 14″ deep  niche is

Top two rows  – $800 each

Middle row  – $700 each

Bottom row  – $500 each

(Each niche has a maximum 2 urn/2 name limit)

Opening Rates

Regular  – $150

For evening (after 5 p.m.), weekends, and statutory holiday – $250

Inscription Costs

Name 1  – $275

Name 2  – $175

Normal engraving time is six weeks

Express engraving (two weeks) – Additional $100

Niche Perpetual Care


Cleaning and maintenance of columbarium

& general maintenance of cemetery

Memory Wall Plaques

6″ x 4″ plaques can be placed on the side walls

of the columbarium