Heritage Festival

We regret to inform you that the Heritage Festival is taking a break, we thank the amazing volunteers who started this event and saw it through for 5 years. Thank you!!

The Carberry Heritage Festival celebrates our town’s unique heritage, unique because Carberry has Manitoba’s only designated Heritage District as deemed by the Historic Resources Branch of the provincial government. The District features twenty-eight designated heritage buildings in a two-block span of Main Street.

Our all-ages, alcohol-free festival focuses on giving local people and those from away an opportunity to explore our built heritage and our human heritage and the relationship between them.

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August 11 -12, 2017

Carberry Heritage Festival 2017

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Take a trip down Carberry’s memory lane and discover the town’s rich past in a whole new way.

Carberry Heritage Walking Tour Guide Book is a high quality 56 page book featuring articles and pictures of 45 Carberry heritage sites including the 28 designated buildings on Main Street as well as houses, churches and a few phantom buildings that no longer exist. Along with vivid descriptions, the book contains 86 pictures, most in color, some archival, a numbered map of the tour plus absorbing facts about Carberry’s history.

As well as promoting Carberry’s wealth of built heritage, which is unique in Manitoba and rare on the prairies, the book is a fundraiser. All proceeds from the sale of the book are shared equally by four local heritage organizations: Carberry Plains Museum, Carberry Plains Archives, The Seton Centre and Carberry Heritage Festival.

Makes a great gift for current and former residents of the area.

The book can be purchased for $10 at :
 Carberry/North Cypress Library, 115 Main Street
Carberry Plains Archives, 122 Main Street.