Heritage Festival

The Carberry Heritage Festival celebrates our town’s unique heritage, unique because Carberry has Manitoba’s only designated Heritage District as deemed by the Historic Resources Branch of the provincial government. The District features twenty-eight designated heritage buildings in a two-block span of Main Street.

Our all-ages, alcohol-free festival focuses on giving local people and those from away an opportunity to explore our built heritage and our human heritage and the relationship between them.

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Carberry Heritage Festival 2016

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Heritage Festival 2016


Schedule of Events



9:00-5:00                              Seton Centre Open                                             116 Main St

10:00-5:00                            Museum Open                                                     520 4th Ave

2:00-5:00                              Fibre Art Exhibit                                                  Old Town Hall Basement

2:00-3:00                              Strawberry Social & Birthday Party for

                                                 Any Citizens turning 90 or older this year        Drop In  Centre   132 Main St

3:00   to be confirmed         Walking Tour Cemetery                                        1 Mile North on Fanny St

4:00                                         Walking Tour of Heritage District                      Heritage Park 3rd & Main

7:00-11:00                              Old Time Dance Mark Morisseau                       Community Hall 224 2nd Ave


9:00-5:00                              Seton Centre Open                                                    116 Main St

9:00-4:00                              Stew Bailey Taxidermy Display                              116 Main St

9:00-4:00                              Flea Market @ Off the Beat N Antiques                135 Main St

9:00-4:00                              Buskers and Street Vendors                                     All along Main St

9:00-4:00                              Face Painting & Sparkles Tattoos                           Main St

9:00-4:00                              North West Mounted Police Display                      Next to Old Town Hall on Main

9:00-4:00                              Heritage Breed Display                                             Heritage Park 3rd & Main

9:00-4:00                              Vintage Farm Machinery Display                           Museum 520 4th Ave

9:00-4:00                              Manitoba Muzzle Loaders                                        Next to Old Town Hall on Main

10:30 & 1:30                         Images of History Life in the Trenches WW1        Legion on Main St

10:00-5:00                            Museum Open                                                              520 4th Ave

10:00    to be comfirmed    Walking Tour Cemetery                                             1 Mile North on Fanny St

10:00 & 12:30                      Walking Tour of Heritage District                            Heritage Park 3rd & Main

10:00-4:00                            Fibre Art Exhibit                                                         Old Town Hall Basement

11:00-11:30                            Hand Quilting Demo                                                  Main Street

11:00-3:00                            Horse Drawn rides through town                            Leave Museum 520 4th

11:30-1:30                             Seton’s 156th Birthday BBQ                                      116 Main St

12:00-12:45                           Swamp Gas Performs                                                Main Street Stage

12:45-1:00                            Tillie Harpelle                                                              Main Street Stage

1:00                                       Official Welcome                                                         Main Street Stage

1:15-2:00                              Vintage Fashion Show                                               Main Street Stage

2:00-2:30                             Hanna Van De Woestyne                                         Main Street Stage

2:30-3:00                             Scottish Dancers                                                        Main Street Stage

3:00                                      Swamp Gas Performs                                                Main Street Stage





Take a trip down Carberry’s memory lane and discover the town’s rich past in a whole new way.

Carberry Heritage Walking Tour Guide Book is a high quality 56 page book featuring articles and pictures of 45 Carberry heritage sites including the 28 designated buildings on Main Street as well as houses, churches and a few phantom buildings that no longer exist. Along with vivid descriptions, the book contains 86 pictures, most in colour, some archival, a numbered map of the tour plus absorbing facts about Carberry’s history.

As well as promoting Carberry’s wealth of built heritage, which is unique in Manitoba and rare on the prairies, the book is a fundraiser. All proceeds from the sale of the book are shared equally by four local heritage organizations: Carberry Plains Museum, Carberry Plains Archives, The Seton Centre and Carberry Heritage Festival.

Makes a great gift for current and former residents of the area.

The book can be purchased for $10 at :
 Carberry/North Cypress Library, 115 Main Street
Carberry Plains Archives, 122 Main Street.