Waterline Installation Tender

The Municipality of North Cypress-Langford requires a quote for the extension of water services for 2 separate projects.

The extension will run from the existing main to the new designated area.  The areas are:

Lot 1 Plan 55922 (NW 20-14-16) approx. 200 meters

Strawberry Lanes Lot 7 Plan 56926 (NE 30-14-15)  approx. 75 meters.

Quotes are to include all materials, labor and equipment required to install water connection to each residence, including curb stops (required).  Water meters, testing and their installation will be provided by the Municipality.

Tenders are due by June 14th at 4:30 p.m.  They can be mailed, emailed or faxes to the address below.

Lowest or any tender not be necessarily accepted.

Trish Fraser, ACAO

Municipality of North Cypress-Langford

Box 130

Carberry, MB R0K 0H0


email:  trish.fraser@townofcarberry.ca