Headshot of Mayor Ray Muirhead. There is a man wearing a suit and glasses in front of a blank background.

Mayor: Ray Muirhead

Phone: 204-834-2960 or 204-476-6930


Born and raised in Carberry, Ray is currently on his fourth term on Town Council, having previously sat on Council from 1989-1995. He worked in Carberry his entire career, starting at Carnation in 1979. Working his way up from the trim room, he went on to get his engineers license and continued working at the potato plant under its various ownership for 37 years. He also served as a union representative for 20 years. Now retired, he has invested in rental properties in Carberry and Brandon. Ray decided to run for Council as he wanted to make a difference in his home town. He and his wife Lorna have three grown daughters and in his free time Ray enjoys putting his pilot’s license to use.

Headshot of Deputy Mayor Bill Kalinowich. There is a man wearing a suit in front of a blank background.

Deputy Mayor: Bill Kalinowich

Phone: 431-759-0255


I am originally from Ethelbert, MB where I grew up on a farm. My wife Margaret and I moved to Carberry in 1976, built a home and raised our family here while being employed at the local potato plant. I have had a long career as a Power Engineer at the plant here, at Maple Leaf, and lastly as Chief Engineer at Brandon Regional Health Centre. Being director of the Institute of Power Engineers and a member of Certified Technicians and Technologist Association of Manitoba as well as a former director of Westoba Credit Union has given me the knowledge needed as a Councilor.

I was a 4H instructor for ten years, helped with Cubs and Scouts and various sports our children took part in. I enjoy camping and fishing and I build various furniture and musical instruments as a hobby. We are able to spend enjoyable time watching our grandkids grow.

Headshot of Councillor Mike Sudak. There is a man wearing a black shirt in front of a blank background.

Councilor: Mike Sudak

Phone: 204-402-0287


Mike moved to Carberry in 2016 and fell in love with the town. Currently a firefighter at Southport, Mike was born in the greater Toronto area and lived in various locations with the military, including Shilo as a member of the 2nd Battalion PPCLI. After leaving the military he moved back to Toronto but ended up moving back west, bouncing from place to place until he found Carberry. After joining the local fire department, he quickly realized that this was a town that felt like home, and one you could become very involved in. He worked in the town as a rink attendant and public works labourer and foreman before working for the CPR as a conductor.

Mike ran for Council as he wanted to assist with the decisions that shape the future of the Town of Carberry. He recommends Carberry to anyone who would like to live in a small town with a big heart. He cannot see himself living or raising his family anywhere else!

Headshot of Councillor John Anderson. There is a man with a grey polo shirt in front of a blank background.

Councilor: John Anderson

Phone: 204-761-5776


While we could write up a long list of past experience and accomplishments, when it comes down to it John just wants you to know he is just a guy trying to do the best he can for the Town of Carberry. Currently in his third term on Town Council, John is happy to hear your feedback and ideas for the future of Carberry.

Headshot of Jr Councillor Ethan Downey. There is a man with glasses and a grey shit in front of a blank background.

Jr Councilor: Ethan Downey

Ethan is the new youth representative this year and is expected to graduate from Carberry Collegiate in June 2025.

He is a multi-generational Carberrian, and has participated in various community sports, currently is a peer mentor, and a member of the student council. This position allows for a direct connection between the town council and the school, and provides opportunities for a youth voice at the table that makes decisions for the community.

Ethan has aspirations to continue is education in astrophysics or aerospace engineering. On clear nights he is often found on the back deck of his house with a telescope setup on a tripod aimed at the stars.