Economic Development Plan

Town of Carberry Vision: 

Sustainable business development and residential growth will increase our population towards 2500 people by 2030 who are proud to call Carberry home, where community is more than a word but a way of life.

Why an Economic Development Plan?

By creating an economic development plan, our community can create deliberate actions to influence the local economy and improve the quality of life of our residents.

A plan makes a difference: 

  • A plan gets past the talking: it coordinates efforts and creates connections and partnerships
  • A plan allows our community to be responsive to funding opportunities which often have very tight timelines
  • It is essential for marketing our community and attracting investment: investors are looking for a clear, targeted plan

People Live Here for a Reason.

Rather than focusing on what we do not have, an asset-based approach to economic development builds on what we already have in the community including people, places and resources.  The key is using what we already have more effectively, then to work together to build on these assets.

Why Get Involved?

It takes a community to drive the economic development plan, so it is important that the plan reflects the needs and values of our residents. By sharing your input, you will help shape the future of Carberry. 

For more information contact Karra at (204) 834-6616 or e-mail