Policies & Bylaws

The by-laws and policies below make up some of the important documents that regulate the affairs and services of the Town of Carberry. Please note this is not a complete listing of all by-laws and policies. If you would like any information about these or other by-laws and policies please contact our office.

Phone: 204-834-6628 

Email: town@townofcarberry.ca

Bylaw Sort descending Bylaw No. Type(s)
Abuse HR 1-2023 Policy
Amended School Speed Zone 4-2020 By-law
Animal Control AC 1-2022 Policy
Animal Control By-law 6-2015 By-law
Animal Control License & Impoundment Fee 5-2015A By-law
Burning By-Law 4-2016 By-law
Complaint Policy HR 3-2021 Policy
Council Members Code of Conduct 16-2022 By-law
Council Organizational 15-2022 By-law
Council Procedures 17-2022 By-law
Derelict Vehicles 3-2021 By-law
Downtown Heritage District Repeal 08-2022 By-law
Employee/Council Recognition 1-2022 Policy
False Alarm By-Law 3-2018 By-law
Food Truck Policy GG 3-2021 Policy
Garage Sales 4-2021 Policy
General Enforcement Bylaw 7-2022 By-law
Gingerbread House 01-2005 By-law
Grant Payment Policy GG 1-2021 Policy
Municipal By-law Enforcement Act 2-2020 By-law