Carberry Plains Cemetery

Established 1882 and incorporated 1965.

NE 36-10-15
North On Fanny Street
Box 130
Carberry, MB, R0K 0H0
Phone: 204-834-6628

Cost –

  • Plot – $750 +GST
  • Plot with Perpetual Care – $1300+GST
  • Plots are currently being sold in the new south-east (NSE) section of the cemetery.  
    Plot size is 4′ x 9′.  There are two rows of cremation-only plots, they are shorter at 4′ x 7′.
  • Several urns can be placed in one plot. Only one casket can be placed in a single plot but urns may also be placed on top of a casket

Cost –

  • Casket (Nov – Apr0+GST
  • Casket (May Oct) – $600+GST
  • Urn (Nov – Apr- $500+GST
  • Urn (May -Oct)- $300+GST
  • Openings on weekdays after 5 p.m. & weekends Add $200+GST
  • Openings on statutory holidays Add $300+GST

We require at least 48 hours notice for an opening, possibly longer in the winter time.

Cost – $250+GST

  • A headstone base is a concrete foundation the granite headstone is placed upon.  
  • We require the size of the granite base to form a foundation.  
  • Only upright headstones at the head of the grave are allowed, flat markers are allowed on top of the grave.  
  • The base is poured by the cemetery staff.

Cost –

  • Annual Care – $50+GST
  • Perpetual Care  – $650+GST
  • Annual Care covers the cost of planting flowers, watering, and weeding for one year.
  • Perpetual Care covers the cost of planting flowers, watering, and weeding forever.
  • Individuals are allowed to plant their own flowers on a grave, either annual or perennial. 
  • These must be maintained.  No trees, shrubs or bushes allowed.
  • The placement of personal items is allowed at own risk.  
  • The cemetery is not responsible for damage to items and they should be removed in the fall of each year.

The cost for a 12.5″ high x 12.5″ wide x 14″ deep  niche is

  • Top two rows  – $800 +GST
  • Middle row  – $700 +GST
  • Bottom row  – $500 +GST (Each niche has a maximum 2 urn/2 name limit)

Opening Rates

  • Regular  – $150+GST
  • For evening (after 5 p.m.), weekends, and statutory holiday – $250

Inscription Costs

  • Name 1  – $350+GST
  • Name 2  – $175+GST
  • Normal engraving time is six weeks
  • Express engraving (two weeks) – Additional $100+GST

Niche Perpetual Care

  • $200+GST
  • Cleaning and maintenance of columbarium
  • General maintenance of cemetery

Memory Wall Plaques

  • 6″ x 4″ plaques can be placed on the side walls of the columbarium
  • $275+GST