Daylilly Garden

Carberry’s Daylily Garden is located at the North End of Town by the Carberry Sign.

There is a gorgeous pergola, picnic tables, an ideal place for a picnic, a dog run to let Fido fetch a ball, but most importantly a large garden.

The garden is divided into beds in a tree formation leading out from the foundation of a circular bed and a pergola. The beds house many varieties of flowers and shrubs with a particular emphasis of daylilies. Besides the daylilies, there are collections of irises & lilies, and a bed devoted to the efforts of junior gardeners.

From the stark stalks of the wintering shrubs to the breaking of the spring with its flowering shrubs and the start of the early blooming irises to the glorious display of summer’s lilies and day lilies to the fall blooming Michaelmas daisies and Autumn Joy sedums, the garden gives a never changing show through the year, and it never seems the same from one visit to the next.

Come out and enjoy the garden, and if you feel moved to give us a hand keeping the weeds at bay, feel free to pull a dandelion or remove some encroaching rye grass. Any Volunteer you see will cheerfully give you a hand, or answer (as best we can) your questions.