Christmas Cheer

Carberry & Area Christmas Cheer

A sticker with green and red holly and the words Christmas Cheer in red.

With the arrival of Christmas decorations and the start of holiday planning in our homes we ask that you again remember those around us who for one reason or another could use a little help.

The Christmas Cheer board continues to receive many donations in the form of food, gifts and cash and we are very thankful for all the help we are able to give to families in this area. 

This year our cash funds are running lower than we would like, so were are hoping that as  you make your Christmas donations you consider the Christmas Cheer Board. Cash donations can be dropped off at the Carberry Office, 44 Main St Carberry, and are eligible for a tax receipt. Every  donation made is kept in Carberry & North Cypress-Langford.

As in the past, all items are given away in the year they are donated. Each hamper contains a turkey or ham, a number of perishable items, common staples, and a gift for each child. We also try to include a small gift for each adult. 

Many of the items are donated but we do then “fill” the hamper with items that we purchase locally.

Anyone wishing to buy toys are encouraged to contact us (204-834-2185) for gender/age of a child so we can make sure that we have appropriate toys for every child.

Applications will be available at the Municipal Office and we are encouraging anyone with names they feel may need a hamper to fill out an application. 

All applicants must be approved by the board and will be contacted prior to delivery, which will happen the week before Christmas. 

Everyone wanting a hamper, including past recipients need to fill out an application.

Volunteers are welcome please call Marj at 204-834-3219